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  Guided birding tours in the Greater Melbourne region

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The Melbourne Birder

From casual observing to something a bit more hard-core, The Melbourne Birder is a guided bird watching service available to anyone who wishes to see any of the wide array of Australian bird species available on Melbourne's doorstep.  

As your guide, we offer a variety of bird watching tours encompassing the broad range of habitats found in south-central Victoria.  Birdlife in this region is prolific, varied and exciting, and coupled with some of southern Australia's most magnificent scenery only a short distance away from Melbourne, a visually stimulating and satisfying nature-based experience can be expected.

"...We visited Australia for the first time in August 2013.  We were fortunate enough to find Steve's website and plan two days of birding.  Steve is a fantastic birder.  Not only does he know the birds incredibly well, he is a great person to spend time with.  In two days, we saw 137 species in the Melbourne area during the winter, and that's including one day of birding in the cold rain.  We have been birding on six continents, and Steve is one of the top bird guides we've ever encountered.  We will definitely bird with him when we return to Australia, and we can't recommend him more highly..." 

-Robert & Sarah Carr, Denver CO, USA


The Melbourne Birder uses Swarovski optics.