Guiding, Custom tours and specials

Any of the habitats and tour combinations for any area throughout Greater Melbourne can be visited and/ or combined in the same day if required, and quite often one is in close proximity to the other.

There are of course various habitats and environments peripheral to those mentioned above, such as cleared farmland, riverine & littoral vegetation zones, remnant pockets of native vegetation, and rural & urban environments. These in turn attract their own bird species such as various raptors, parrots & lorikeets, honeyeaters, robins and flycatchers to name a few.


Several night bird species can be found in the region, and these may be seen with spotlighting excursions after dark. Alongside the more common species such as Southern Boobook, Barn Owl, Tawny Frogmouth and Australian Owlet-nightjar, there is the chance of lower density or habitat specific species such as Powerful Owl, Sooty Owl, White-throated Nightjar, and if we were to venture a little further afield, Barking Owl, Spotted Nightjar and even Masked Owl.

Photo: Steve Davidson

``Big Day``
``Big Day``

We have the option of a day’s birding whereby we combine as many habitats as possible in a calendar day to maximise the number of species seen, in other words a “Big Day”.Such an itinerary might consist of a very early start in a wet forest location, moving though to dry forest habitats, and finishing with visiting a number of wetland and coastal locations. There is an option of spotlighting before dawn or after dark for additional night bird species to increase a day’s tally. This method is more than likely to achieve a count of at least 100-120 species. In spring and early summer this tally can easily be more as southern Victoria is visited by several migratory species.

Flame Robin. Photo: Steve Davidson

Extended Trips

If required, trips of more than a single day or consecutive day’s birding can be arranged throughout Victoria, which may have the appeal of visiting locations further afield, such as the central Victorian Box-Ironbark Forests and Mallee regions, coastal regions further along Victoria’s east & west coasts, or even to the High Country of Victoria’s north-east. These habitats have their own special birds and offer the chance of seeing some more uncommon species not found in the vicinity of Melbourne.


We can organise tours to any part of Australia for that matter, whether it’s the dry outback of New South Wales or South Australia, the rainforests of Queensland and the Northern Territory, the tall forests of the far south of Western Australia, or even the rugged Kimberley region of the north-west of Australia.


The guiding service is available to cater for a wide variety of requests and we will endeavour to ensure the best possible outcome for clients by carrying out reconnaissance trips prior to arranged tour dates in order to check regular locations and known haunts for certain birds.


Various other opportunities exist for trips in and around Greater Melbourne, Victoria and throughout Australia for which excursions can be tailored to suit your needs and wishes.