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15th June 2009 - A cool winter's day saw David from Hoppers Crossing and myself heading to the hills searching for a few of the denizens of the wet forest that are to be found in the ranges east of Melbourne.  Until today David has spent little time in this type of habitat so we were after some lifers for him.  Even though bird activity was at a minimum and the forest was pretty quiet we still managed to eke out great views of Red-browed Treecreeper, Superb Lyrebird, Eastern Whipbird and Crested Shrike-tit.  Crescent Honeyeaters seemed to be everywhere and were by far the most vociferous birds.  At a nearby location near Noojee we heard Wonga Pigeon, briefly watched a female Superb Lyrebird and a distant party of Brown Gerygone, but best of all was a Pilotbird that was pished up and hopped unconcernedly around our feet in the dappled late afternoon sunshine.  A pretty magic moment for the humans, probably not so much for the avian... 

18th June 2009 - With a bit of free time up my sleeve today I intended to get some stuff done around the house, update this blog, bake a cake, etc etc.  Instead I went birding.  I just visited some local haunts around Hobsons bay, but the day was beautiful and the birds were out in force.  Best for the day was a male Freckled Duck at Cherry lake with a pronounced blood-red base to his bill, Hudsonian Godwit which continues its tenure on mudflats at the mouth of Laverton Creek, Flame Robins, Little Eagle, Double-banded Plover and a first for my Hobsons Bay City Council list in the form of a Grey Butcherbird.  It seems a bit strange, but this species is virtually absent from the area, the closest birds being found out towards Bacchus Marsh and down past Geelong.  90 species for the day.

21st June 2009 - Decided that today was as good a day as any to have a bit of a look around the Western Treatment Plant, so my mate Andrew and I made our way to said location at around 7am.  Lots of good stuff about with highlights being a bizarre-looking wild Mallard with all dark brown plumage on the body, a dark green head and some white sort of barring on the breast.  There were a lot more Pacific Black Ducks there than usual so it may have come in with them from who knows where.  Also had a nice-looking Lewin's Rail on the side of the Werribee River, Banded Lapwing, Fairy, Little and Whiskered Tern, 3 Wedge-tailed Eagle, two separate singing Fan-tailed Cuckoo, 2 male Flame Robin and some Zebra Finch.  90 species for the morning.