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  Guided birding tours in the Greater Melbourne region


About us

Your guide, Steve Davidson, has been an avid birder since the age of six. He has travelled extensively throughout Australia, and has observed well over 600 species within the country.
Steve has also birded in Nepal, Thailand, South Africa, Western Europe and the USA, and is particularly familiar with British and European birds.
Steve is well equipped to find and identify all bird species that are found in the Greater Melbourne Area. He has lived in Melbourne his entire life and has accumulated an extensive knowledge of the bird fauna in this region. This includes where to find certain species at different times of the year and in different habitats, an understanding of weather patterns and/ or climatic conditions that can affect bird behaviour and abundance, as well as an awareness of the seasonal changes that trigger the arrival and departure dates for various migratory birds.
Steve has a personal list of birds he has seen within the Greater Melbourne area which stands at over 300 species.
Stubble Quail Werribee
Stubble Quail, Jan 2010 - Photograph by Chris Tzaros.