From casual observing to something a bit more hard-core, the Melbourne Birder is a guided bird watching service available to anyone who wishes to see any of the wide array of Australian bird species available on Melbourne’s doorstep.

As your guide, we offer a variety of bird watching tours encompassing the broad range of habitats found in south-central Victoria. Birdlife in this region is prolific varied and exciting, and coupled with some of southern Australia’s most magnificent scenery only a short distance away from Melbourne, a visually stimulating and satisfying nature-based experience can be expected.


Wet Forest
Wet Forest

The mountainous forests east and north-east of Melbourne are spectacular and contain almost pure stands of the world’s largest flowering plant, the Mountain Ash, Eucalyptus regnans in several pockets, and there are small patches of cool temperate rainforest in other locations.

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Dry Forest
Dry Forest

Dry Forest is a broad term that covers a wide variety of habitats that are mostly represented by woodland zones to the north & west of Melbourne and sites around Heathcote/Bendigo, loosely referred to as the Inland Slopes.

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Wetland and Coastal
Wetland and Coastal

Depending on the local and seasonal conditions or what particular bird species are required, we can travel either south-east or south-west of Melbourne to visit a wide array of wetlands, swamps, tidal mudflats and coastal headlands that are utilised by many different waterbirds, shorebirds and seabirds.

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Werribee 1/2 day tour

This is a half day tour designed to take in the sights and sounds of the world-renowned Western Treatment Plant. Perfect for beginners and experienced bird-watchers alike, this full morning tour is an ideal introduction to the wide variety of birdlife to be found just on Melbourne’s outskirts.

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Guided Tours

Any of the habitats and tour combinations for any area throughout Greater Melbourne can be visited and/ or combined in the same day if required, and quite often one is in close proximity to the other.

There are of course various habitats and environments peripheral to those mentioned above, such as cleared farmland, riverine & littoral vegetation zones, remnant pockets of native vegetation, and rural & urban environments. These in turn attract their own bird species such as various raptors, parrots & lorikeets, honeyeaters, robins and flycatchers to name a few.

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Extended Tours

For anyone who has a little more time these tour itineraries provide an excellent way to enhance and expand the birding experience with a range of species not found in the Greater Melbourne region. In doing so we also see some of the hidden nuggets and well kept secrets that are tucked away in the wilds of Victoria. And there are plenty.

Visit the far south-west of the state with its relatively undisturbed pockets of forest, heath and lonely, windswept coastline. Or travel through the Mallee regions of the Victoria’s north-west and track down the skulkers within. Swing across to the Northern Plains.

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